Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mai Travels the World

I have a friend named Mai. She is a beautiful person in every way.

I have been lucky enough to know her since 6th grade.  Back then we talked all of the time and were part of the same walking-home-group-of-friends as we would all leave school together and then "drop off" each other after school. I love Mai. After middle school, we would contact each other and visit about once per year.  One time, we went a couple of years and none of the contact information I had was working so I paid one of those find people sites to get back in contact.  We haven't lost contact since and Tami likes her and her awesome husband Cedric, too so we are all friends.

Well, Mai and Cedric sold their house in San Francisco a while ago and are traveling by car with their two dogs Manly and Biela for about a year, heading south.  They are in Colombia right now. Yes, the country of Colombia. Mai has an excellent blog that I read regularly and I was thinking recently, "why have I not told the world yet?" She takes gorgeous photos, includes recipes (this woman is a ridiculously fantastic cook- no joke, seriously- fantastic!), and is traveling the America's.  You may like to read her blog.

Here it is: White Shell Chronicles at

Mai does not know I am writing this but I know she checks in here once in a while and will obviously notice a post with her name on it so here is a message to my friend: Hello! We miss you.  I love following your adventure. Please say hi to Cedric and the furry friends. Thank you for writing your blog so that I can see another part of the world.


  1. OMG! I am so honored Randy. I love you guys. We keep on passing so many rios named after Lorenzo and in a way, your family, you are always near in my thoughts. Hope you are doing well. Sending jasmines and hummingbirds - the view of the garden from Quito ;) Kisses to Lady T and the super kiddies. :x

    1. We love you too! Thank you for the garden view!