Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Ana like pizza."

Guest post by Tami

I walk in to the kitchen from moving laundry around.  Randy had sleepily given Enzo a slice of pizza for breakfast and Enzo had now decided to share it with his sister.  I look over at them and he says, "Ana like pizza."  This is of course after he had already attempted sharing his mug of water with her that resulted in a puddle of water on the floor and Ana in wet pajamas.  It is pretty sweet how loving he can be to his sister.  Of course, it isn't always like this.  There are moments when he pushes her down for no apparent reason or out of his way.  The other day he put his mouth on her in an almost bite like fashion, but luckily he decided not to bite down on her.  She was left with only a slobbery back.  The sibling relationship continues...

Enzo has been borderline sick for the last week or so.  The other day, Enzo and I were getting ready to make breakfast when he started looking a bit funny.  So I took him to the bathroom and he threw up.  I had an important meeting at my school that I didn't want to miss so I called my mom, Tata, to come down and hang out with him for a bit.  By the time I got home, Enzo was already in bed napping.  My mom filled me in on their fun.  When Enzo finally did wake up, I didn't mention anything to him.  But later, when Randy got home, Enzo started telling him about his day.  It was the first time that I was able to understand him retelling his day, and he was doing it all on his own.  Pretty cool. 

Then the next day, we were just hanging out at home just the three of us.  It was after breakfast time and Enzo and I were at the coffee table/art table making Valentine's cards (construction paper cut into four smaller rectangles, decorated with markers and/or crayons, with hearts that I had cut out from the week's ads glued on by a glue stick- super easy craft idea).  Ana wasn't wearing a diaper as I had recently offered her a potty-tunity but she declined.  All of a sudden I heard a noise and turned around and I saw Ana, who only moments ago had been crawling around on the floor, now sitting on the potty.  I walk over to see what she was up to, and yup, she pee'd.  At not even 9 months and a week, my baby girl went over to and sat herself on the potty to pee.  Wow.  I was in total shock. 

So loving siblings they share... colds.  We've spent most of the weekend all four of us being mellow, playing, and sleeping.  I hope my mocosos are feeling better soon.

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