Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Hearts

Guess who has her second tooth popping out?  My Ana Uku love.  She now has both bottom middle teeth.

We had a great Valentine's Day.  Tami, Nicole, and Shea made a delicious dinner for all of us.  It's great to be with people we care about.  A delicious dinner including Stuffed mushrooms, breaded veggie sticks, and two vegetable soups was pretty great too.  I very much enjoy Valentine's Day.  Tami and I have been making dinner for each other, and with each other when days off align, on this day since we have been married.  It's a good way to share and appreciate time.  This year we were also able to share with three special children and a dear friend.

In other news, Tami called me at work to let me know that Enzo peed, standing up, outside on a tree.  Awesome.

Also worthy of note, my Ana Uku is an adorable frog.  Lately she has been sitting with her legs under her often like in the picture below.  It's really cute.  I don't remember Enzo doing this. 

And sometimes when Ana is crawling around she will sit back on her legs like this but leave her hands on the floor and be the cutest little frog.  And then, when I pick her up and kiss her, she turns into the most beautiful Ana Uku. And last night, she placed one of her arms on mine, and snuggled into my chest as I kissed her head over and over with little kisses. I love her.

This is the only little frog picture I have right now.  I keep wanting to grab the camera when she does it and get a great picture of her but then I always end up just enjoying the experience and missing the chance to photograph it.  Maybe eventually.  In the mean time, I enjoy the little kisses.  My Ana Uku just keeps getting more and more adorable and I keep on loving her more and more.

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