Friday, February 17, 2012


(At pee-wee mariachi class- all the pics are blurry.)

Yesterday had a special treat for me.  Tami had to work and so Enzo was going to miss his pee-wee mariachi class.  I had to work late so not only was Enzo going to miss class but we didn't know where Enzo was going to since Tami was going to need to focus and watching one child was going to be enough.  Then, thanks to the offer of a coworker, I didn't have to work so I got to pick up Enzo.  But, I feel self conscious with music and I was thinking I would just take The Kid to dinner and we would go home and play.  Luckily I got over it and took him to class because I didn't want him to miss out just because I thought I might be uncomfortable there.  It was sooooo fun!  The class is at the Mexican Heritage Plaza in San Jose.  I had driven by the building but never gone in.  The building is attractive.  From inside the plaza, it is gorgeous.  There is art and a beautiful huge court yard complete with little pee-wee mariachi class kids running around before and after class.  The class itself is basically an hour of dancing and singing along to a series of children's songs in Spanish and using hand and body movements, learning words and lyrics, and playing with drums, ribbons, and many other items.  The best part of the experience was just watching The Kid.  He was having a good time and dancing and totally into it.  The room was packed with parents and kids around in a big circle.  All of the kids were moving around and parents were smiling and having a good time.  People were very friendly.  I need to figure out how to adjust my schedule and go to the remaining classes with Tami and the kids.  I can't believe, once again, that I nearly missed out on a super cool experience because I was uncomfortable with the idea of the public event.  I am so glad I went to this.  The good news is I will do a lot for my children and that seems to help me do more for myself.

There are a couple of other things I need to record here.

One is that I have another favorite thing added to my list of favorite things. My new favorite thing is when Enzo has not showered all day but has not gotten dirty either, and then to just take in the smell of his hair.  It is melting. It is soft and real and beautiful.  It is intoxicating for a moment.  It is wonderful.

Another fact to record here is that my daughter has known for a while now how to get off of a couch or bed by turning herself so that her feet go down first.  I know, most of us can do this and don't fall off surfaces head first.  But I am still amazed that this little baby knows how to do this.  It's awesome.  Some times she is supposed to be asleep and then she will come crawling around the corner happy and fine.  Tami then stresses me out by teasing that either she knows how to get off the bed or she is extremely tough because she never cries when she comes crawling out.  Then, as my stress builds, Tami assures me that Ana already knows how to turn and get down.  In the last 24 hours, I have finally seen, with my own eyes, my Ana get down from both a couch and from the bed feet first.  So, I'm feeling a little more relaxed now.  This morning I just happened to be walking by the bedroom where I expected Ana to be sleeping when I caught her getting down feet first, notice me, smile, and come crawling towards the hall.  Awesome. Last night she got off of the couch and I saw her do that, feet first.  She got off of the couch.  Her diaper didn't, it got stuck to the side of the couch. Ana managed to wriggle out and keep on going.  Naked baby butt is pretty darn cute.

And another cool recent experience was listening to my son sing the ABCs last night.  I was super tired so I cheated and, when reading the second book, a new book that Enzo is not very familiar with, I skipped a lot of pages. Then, turned out the lights and skipped over any other talking or singing and just closed my eyes.  Then, Enzo started to sing on his own. A-B-C-Deefy-G-ehoh---O-O-O-O-O-P(that part said very fast like "LMNOP")-Oheh-O-S!----C-eh-ohdeh--A-B-C-(repeat). Fantastic!  He is getting some of the rhythm. There were some other letters thrown in that I forgot above; "O" was definitely the favorite. He sang it threw a couple of times and got the major sections and last letters right.  He enjoyed himself, too.  He wasn't the only one.  Again, Tami and I had to stifle the laughter and hide the adoring smiles so as not to excite him as he was going to sleep.  I wish I had a recording.  I very much enjoy going to bed so happy.

And soon, I begin vacation. Soon as in today.  More time with the kids, more time with Tami, more time to enjoy friends and family, and I hope, some time to ride motorcycles.

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