Saturday, November 3, 2012

Oh, Great October

The great month of October has come and gone. It is my favorite month, my birthday month, my philosophical month, my self focused introspective month. In brief, it went something like this.

Ana got her first sharp pointy vampire tooth on the upper right. By the way, as I write this in the first days of November, her top left matching sharp tooth is now emerged.

I, yes I, actually got into baseball. I had fun with the end of the season and following the A's in the playoffs.

I went to Santa Cruz for my annual self reflection day. It was a little different than in previous years as I didn't feel the need to think as much as I usually do. Maybe it's the books that I have been reading that have influenced me. Anyway, I did a lot more walking around and less sitting around this year.

In the last couple of years I have also been spending my whole October allowance, or nearly so, buying those things I really like but wouldn't usually splurge on like white sunglasses, yet another hoodie sweatshirt, or a weird hat. This year, I got another tattoo. This one has both my kids names on it and some images that represent the meanings of their names. It hurt! The last, and first tattoo that I got, I got in San Francisco about 15 years ago. I don't remember it hurting so much. But it was worth it; I love it. The artist, Little Jen in Santa Cruz, did a beautiful job. The more I look at it the more I see paradise.

(My left arm as the outline was finished. Color will come another day.)

I enjoyed good dinners with friends and family to celebrate my birthday and I enjoyed my grandma's awesome spaghetti and meatballs as prepared by my sister with grandma's guidance. Yummmm!

 (Enzo pet this rabbit forever!)

(Enzo and Micah running at Emma Prusch Farm.) 

(Ana taking a break from a long day playing at the farm with amigos.) 

 (Racing at Gilroy Gardens.)

 (Micah and Enzo playing in the water park at Gilroy Gardens.)

(Ana figured out how to use the pedal to shoot the water.)

(Enzo reading a book to Ana.)

There were trips to parks and Gilroy Gardens and Dia de los Muertos at Traci's house. And there was Halloween to finish off the great month with a special celebration. Ana even learned to say "trick or treat."
(Ana trying on Mama's pants.) 

(Dia de los Muertos Alter.) 

(A sugar skull I made this year.) 

(Shea making her first sugar skull. Enzo made his first one this year too.) 

(Admiring his work. Enzo's is on the left and Aunti Tia's is on the right.) 

(Ana as a rana - frog.) 

(Enzo trying out the train part of his costume that Tami made for him.) 

(Going trick or treating. Enzo decided he liked to carry the train more than wear it.) 

(Ana's first trick or treat completely under her own power.) 

Happy October 2012!

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