Saturday, November 24, 2012

Parade, Friday and Thanksgiving #2, Saturday

We are enjoying Thanksgiving # 2 right now. Delicious food and a house full of family and friends. I really love seeing everyone together and watching my kids have so much fun with everyone. The food was delicious, too. Tami even made two pumpkin pies from actual pumpkins that I saw this morning with my own eyes. So good. I'll try and get some pictures up from tonight a little later.

I do have pictures from yesterday, though. We were in a parade! The Niles Festival of Lights Parade. So so so so fun. I don't have a bucket list but if I did I would now know that it should have "be in a parade" on the list. Enzo and I drove the decorated bug with a Christmas tree on top and a giant speaker on the back, Tami and Ana cruised along with portable lights and Traci's dance group danced in costume and lights to the music from the giant speaker. It was so very fun and exciting to be part of the parade. The bug got a lot of attention too; a lot. After the parade the bug was parked in a parking lot and plenty of people came over to take pictures of it and with it and to talk about it. I decided to drive all the way home with the lights on. Down the freeway, every few minutes I would see the flash from some one's cell phone camera taking a picture of the bug in lights as they drove along side of me.

 (In the staging area getting ready.)

  (Lights on in the staging area.)

 (Stomper in the staging area.) 

(Storm troopers, too!) 

(Those are the dancers that we will go down the parade with..behind them is a light saber fight in progress.) 

 (Almost our turn to enter the parade.)

(And we are off!)

Unfortunately I have no pictures of us being in the parade or the dancers behind us. But after the parade the vehicles and floats and horses went into a parking lot where people could enjoy them. That's when I got a few pics of the bug all lit up.

(The dancers with Miss Traci.) 

(Ana walked the parade in her adorable winter dress and light up present box.) 


  1. Oh, Randy, those parade pictures are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing them...the kids are getting so big and you and Tami look so happy! Your mom looks just like her own mom...please say Hi to her for me! She was, after all, my maid of honor almost 40 years ago! Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

  2. Thank you Aunt Sally. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the growing family, too!