Sunday, July 13, 2014

First Half of Summer 1 of 3

Here are some photos I have collected in this first half of Summer.

Enzo was in a recital.
Here he is in costume back stage.

Ana and I were back stage hanging out, too.

Here are a few shots from one of the times Enzo was playing with mud lately.

I took the Harley for the long way home after work, via a 100 mile loop. That was very nice.

I mentioned this earlier but I found a picture. This is the bee that started it all. Now Enzo has a world of paper drawings cut out to play with.

Ana played with her camera while Enzo cut out his first creature.

This was super cool. Tami took me and the kids to Petroglyph for my Father's Day present. To be clear, she took us a week before Father's Day so that I could have fun making something for myself, and the kids could make something for me, and then they would all be fired, done, and ready to use on the actual Father's Day. This was a perfect gift that I thoroughly enjoyed. Nicole and Shea joined us as well.

My beautiful ladies.

Enzo wrote Papi on a cup he made for me in his own writing.

One day, Enzo fell asleep playing. He fell asleep on a single chair. Tami found him sleeping and slid a second chair up to him so he could spread out a bit over two chairs. When I got home, this is how I found him.

Tami and I walked one day while the kids rode scooters. We found a place to eat and a place to play.

For Father's Day, we got to see the results of our painting.
Nicole's came out beautiful.

Enzo was very excited to wash the coffee cup that he made for me so that I could enjoy a morning cup of coffee in it. Sadly, it slipped in the sink while he washed it. He was pretty upset but eventually  OK with the idea that these things happen.

We used the bowl that Ana made for me for breakfast. A gorgeous heart.

I was pleased with how the cup I made came out. It has two flowers, one for each kiddo. A kite and the ocean, two things that remind me of good times with my family, and a heart with 8 dots on the handle to represent the 8 years of marriage and love with Tami that got us here. The theme in my mind was to paint a tattoo symbolizing Father's Day to me. Each time I use it, I think of how lucky I am.

With these summer days, it seems that the kids want to play in the water every day. Both of them do, but especially Ana. She goes through a lot of bathing suits.

Here is Ana putting on her gloves. She has gone through a phase with wearing gloves. Check out that dress, too. My mom made it. My mom made her a whole bunch of clothes that Ana has really enjoyed. Impressive.

One day after work, three friends and I went on a nice ride up to Mt. Hamilton and down the back, around through Livermore, and back to the valley. That ride always makes me feel good. It is a type of meditation, I suppose.

Here we were at the top with Lick Observatory.

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  1. Oh, my gosh, Randy, what a fabulous family you and Tami have created. You are a wonderful father and Tami is an amazing mother to those two angels! Thank you for sharing them all with us.