Tuesday, July 15, 2014

First Half of Summer 2 of 3

We went camping with Shea and Nicole to Big Sur.

Played games.

Were visited by a skunk.

The kids used the morning fire as a train engine. More accurately, Shea was hanging out by the morning fire when the other kiddos decided they could make a line around her with chairs and use the fire smoke as train smoke. Shea played along though. It's great that these kids all get along.

Tami even packed up her laptop and took it with us as she had a lot of work to do before her first year in grad school would wrap up since she took summer classes. This picture above represents the only time she pulled out her laptop. You can see it there, snug in it's case by the fire, Tami's eye's closed as she slept. This is about as productive as one needs to be when camping.

Our skunk friend came out again another night.

No need for sprinklers when camping next to a river.

Ana liked to take breaks sometimes and wrap herself in a Hello Kitty towel then sit back with me before going back in the water.

We stopped for a view along Highway 1 on the way home.

Ana was quite happy with the comfortable accommodations at the look out point.

I took the kids to a park in Campbell that has a water feature. It is a great big park that is always well used. Enzo loves to run through the water.

Ana loves to climb. She went up that net so many times. She would then call out to me "Papi!" so that I would see her. Then, climb down, play in the water, and eventually climb up the net again. That Ana loves to climb.

Ana was having troubles jumping on the rocks the way Enzo was. Enzo got down, went to her, and coached her through one time, even giving her his hand at a few points. He would say "I'll help you Ana, you can do it, here, I'll show you how." Then they jumped and walked from rock to rock before getting tired and ready for a nap. Well, maybe it was me who was ready for a nap, not sure I remember for sure now. But that was a good day at the park.

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