Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 18- Pensacola, FL

Today I got lost twice... on purpose. Once was going by Tallahassee, FL. I said to myself, "Self" I said, let's get off here and just drive a lot 'cause it's hot and we can use a break from the freeway. And we did. We (am I royalty now?) drove around for a long time. Finally, I (humbling myself a bit) settled down and had a meal. Nice town. Later I did it again. Heading west the sun was in my eyes late in the afternoon. That combined with a little tiredness and I decided I better take a break. It didn't take too long before I decided this is as far as I go today. So, I tooled around Pensacola, FL a little longer. You can see a view from town in the picture. Hours(?) later I found a Motel 6 next to a Mexican restaurant with an outdoor patio and two for one Margarita Wednesdays. Hey, today is Wednesday. That would explain the Margarita in front of me. I don't drink Margaritas. But Nicole does and tomorrow is Nicole's birthday. Happy birthday Nicole, I'm celebrating your day early.

Something else cool today is that I saw an armadillo! Why did the armadillo cross the freeway? I don't know. But at least I didn't hit it. Neither did the big rig behind me so there's a chance the armadillo is now east of highway 75.

Ohhh, another Margarita.

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