Monday, July 20, 2009

Lying Around

It's odd being a useless member of a sleeping team. I use to be a helpful partner to my teammate with an arm here to rest a head, an arm there to warm, a leg over there to prop up a foot, a body as a barricade against my partner falling off of the last three inches of bed that I am left defending.

But all that has changed with pregnancy. My wife's body is morphing and along with that comes discomforts. Discomforts that are apparently reduced, according to what she heard and now practices, with the aid of approximately 100,000 pillows propping and shoring her up from every direction. Ever seen a large ship hoisted above water in dry dock? I'm afraid to get too close less I knock a critical support and send my wife and unborn child toppling down. I'm especially concerned now that I used a large ship to represent my pregnant wife in that analogy. I'm not sure our marriage would withstand both that analogy and a toppling.

Steering for safer ground.... One of the goals in raising our child environmentally responsible is to try and acquire most of the various kid stuff we will need as used items. To this end, a special thank you to Stephanie for the entire car load worth of kid stuff and maternity clothes (a less considerate, but more funny, husband would have said ship siding) she passed on to us while I was on the road. So much stuff; swings, changing pad, infant car seat/stroller, bath, decorations, play mat, bedding, and more. I didn't know what a boppy was before Stephanie gave us one but I am now very familiar as it has already been put to use in the dry dock. See picture above for one way to use a boppy. I don't know what else we will need but I can not imagine there is that much more. As much as possible we'll try and find those items used, organic, non-plastic, sustainable, and with minimal materials. Surely it will start to rush by closer to the day, for now there is plenty of time to find out what we will need and to acquire it all.

I told myself I would not buy The Kid anything until December but I did crack and bought The Kid an organic cotton A's baseball onesie. Tami tells me The Kid loves it. Some couples fight over what culture, discipline practices, or religion to raise a child with. Tami says we'll get through it all so long as I agree to let her raise The Kid an A's fan.

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