Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 20- New Orleans, LA

Since the last update, I have seen the night life of Bourbon Street. Lots of people, loud music, cops and alcohol. It wasn't out of control. In fact, I've been surprised how not crazy it has been around here considering people are just walking down the street drinking all of the time. It was very energetic, though.

I heard some very good music. I didn't like everything I heard but that is to be expected. And many places have DJs. But the live music was the most fun. Music lovers would have a good time here. For a wile I stood outside one packed jazz club, way too packed to go in to, and listened in happiness to the music coming out of the place. It was cool to watch the passersby start dancing or shimmying as they went by. There were other clubs with great live music, too. I had a good time.

Today, I'm pretty sure I walked about 1.3 million miles. Well, it was a lot of walking. New Orleans is a big place. The French Quarter, where I am staying, is a large enough area. But the city is way bigger than that. The day began with an egg Po Boy sandwich at a place that has been serving Po Boys since 1950. I didn't know they made egg Po Boys. Breakfast was followed by a walk into the business high rise area and a walk in an art museum. In the museum I got in trouble for taking a picture of a painting. So, that was fun. Then, the walk continued out to the Mississippi River where I got on the free ferry. Pedestrians are free, I think there is a charge for the cars. That's when I realized I had not stopped walking for three hours since breakfast and that if I sat just right I could keep my shirt from touching my back. But then the boat started moving and I love boats. So, I popped back up to the side of the boat to watch and enjoyed the ride. The ferry driver was very talented. I don't know if he can juggle or recite Shakespeare, but he handled a boat well. He was going fast coming in to the dock and when we were apparently way too close to the pier he did some magic where we swung around and ever so gently tapped the dock to be tied up to in perfect position. This was a big boat with cars on it. I was impressed. A little walk around and some french onion soup later, I was back on the ferry crossing to New Orleans. Then I kept walking. I guess I wanted to test my relationship with my feet. How did that test go? We're still not talking. There was a glimmer of hope when I stopped in front of a foot massage place in the shopping area. But when I decided against it I'm pretty sure I killed any chance of the three of us reconciling tonight.

Another walk through the French Quarter and a break at Cafe du Monde. That was good. There were two excellent musicians playing together on the street in front of the cafe. You can almost see them under the umbrellas in the picture. One girl played guitar and one girl played violin and they went together splendidly. A nice end to a long walk.

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