Monday, June 4, 2012

5 Teeth and Stage Presence

(In the Green Room.)

Ana has 5 teeth! The newest incising member is top, right of the center two. Also, the family went to a recital where Tami was helping her sister and where Hun and Tata were performing. And of course, Aunti Tia and Tami get Ana and Enzo out on stage every chance they get. If these kids ever have stage fright it won't be for lack of exposure to audiences and lights. Almost all of my pictures were blurry this time, especially the smiley ones. But still, I think it is clear from the pics I did get that these kids are adorable. I didn't even know they made dance clothes so small but Ana looked so cute in hers. Apparently the stage is like the ocean, Ana kept running to get out there from back stage. We could distract her for a bit, but then she would make a run for it. She made a lot of runs for it. The Green room was a little safer being further from back stage. It was like visual ice cream with whip cream on top. There were so many little kids all dressed up for their dance routines. Pretty much as cute as could be and in this is my gorgeous cutie daughter making friends, smiling, climbing up and down from every chair, reading other peoples books, getting smiles and compliments. And then these adorable little girls are telling Ana how cute she is. It was like ice cream with whip cream and a cherry on top. It was like the genius calling the scholar smart. It was like the cherry calling the raspberry red. Simply, it was uber-cute.

(On stage for the Finale.) 

(In the Green Room.) 

(Playing between the curtains.)

(This was at the Art and Wine Festival in Sunnyvale over the weekend.)

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