Thursday, June 7, 2012


Randy: If there existed Granola Scouts and you were a Granola Scout you could get a new badge on your vest now; a Hybrid Owner Badge.
Tami: Oh! We should create the Granola Scouts!
Randy: That's going on my blog.

I traded in our Mazda 3 for a Honda Civic Hybrid. And it's stick shift! Sure, it's kind of a plain car and it's an econo car but it's a manual transmission and now I am having so much fun again.

I told Tami a couple of months ago I wanted to get something different and trade in my Mazda. She said get what ever you want. So I started looking. I then told her I was having trouble finding something interesting but I was hoping to find a '60s Cadillac or something similarly interesting. She said no! She said I already had a '65 bug and so needed a practical car. I told her it was too late because she already said I could get whatever I wanted. So there!

Balancing several factors I decided on this cool civic. Then, I surprised Tami with it yesterday. She was excited. We are now one step closer to living the eco friendly adobe hut subsistence farming high speed wireless Internet grass roof fantasy life style that resides in Tami's sub-conscience. And I have a stick shift.


  1. You make me laugh, Randy. Thanks for the chuckle on this humid Ozarks day!

  2. Congrats! I had one before we moved to the city and I ABSOLUTELY loved mine - from the nightrider dashboard to the silent engine (great way to sneak up on people). Have fun with the stick shift - eco + race chic car ;)