Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Soup for Company

The lonely bowl-o'-pho.

I am about to experience my first night away from both of my kiddos. The first and only time away from Enzo is when he stayed with Aunti Tia while Tami gave birth to Ana. That was two nights away. And I've never spent
a night away from Ana.

We are all supposed to be on the road together to Southern California for an educators conference that Tami is presenting at. Instead, I came down with food poisoning after stoping at a local food chain for a snack before getting home on Monday night. Argh.

Luckily, I have a great sister in law who loves and is loved by my kids. She is on the road with my wife, kids, and another teacher right now instead of me. So, my kids will have someone they love to play with while Mami presents. Thank you Traci! Sorry for the short notice.

And that leaves me at home feeling a bit crummy. I am hoping to feel better soon and then maybe fly out to join them. For now, I took myself out for a bowl of vegetarian pho. If I stay inside too long I often get mopey. It's the second time I have eaten today so that is a good sign. Yesterday I had only eaten once by this time. The good news is that, despite the headache and skin aches and upset digestive system, my brain works so I've been able to read. Also, I have a sense of excitement at having a quiet house and forced downtime even though I won't be with my wife and family. I love being around them. I am not exactly looking forward to this night away from both kids for the first time. It's weird to imagine no kiss or hug or cuddle good night. And yet, I must admit, I am appreciating the quietness and accepted lack of responsibility.

So, a bowl of warm soup for company. A phone chat with my family later. And a lot of quiet. The recipe for the day.

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  1. I hope you feel better. Pho is the best remedy and sleep and dreams and movies! To your well being amigo. Hugs :x (ps hope tami kills it, which i'm sure the mamacita will ;)