Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Relaxing and Playing

Here is a post I started several days ago and never finished until now:

I think I have been having a SUPERB summer experience this last week. While summer began for students at work earlier, this was the first of a few weeks I'm taking off this summer. Interestingly, I had chosen this week off randomly at this time last year. My position requires that I select a certain number of days off for the whole year in June. As it would turn out, Tami became short staffed at work and was going to need to go back to the classroom for a week and teach. Who would watch the kids? Me!
Well, at first my answer was "Me!" Then, as we got closer to the week, it went to "me..." and then "me?...!!" I had never cared for and protected both kids at the same time all by myself for more than a few hours at a time before. I was still bragging because I managed to take both of them to a restaurant all by myself. What was I getting myself into? Tami did it all the time but this would be new for me.

Then Tami told me how I could work it out to have only one kid each day. Yes! That became my plan and I felt a lot better. But then the day came, Monday morning, and the peace of summer and a desire to be with both kiddos became the greater motivation. As it would turn out, I kept both kids with me every day of the week and we have had a fantastic week. I won't say it was easy but I will say I needn't have been so worried. They take care of each other to a degree and that makes it easier to take care of them both. Legos were stacked, cars were rolled, balls were kicked, parks were visited, swings were swung.

Enzo is becoming a young kiddo. It's so neat to watch him develop. I revel in each new word, association, connection, and those moments that he mimics something seen or does something unique on his own. Beautiful moments in learning. One of the good ones is when he and Ana had been quiet for a while when I was cooking. I walked in to the living room to check on them and Enzo had the largest Lego structure I had ever seen him build complete with a tall tower. I said "what a cool building!" He said "Ana helped, Happy birthday to you, it's a vela" and pointed to the tower. He had made a birthday cake with a candle (vela)! I never showed him that. We always make buildings, towers, and bridges. Mostly bridges for his cars lately. But he went and made something completely different on his own. So cool. And he even gave Ana credit for helping which must have something to do with how they worked so quietly for so long.

Ana too, continues to mature. I swear she keeps getting more and more cute. And she smiles at me. She smiles often. She plays and she pats our backs sometimes when we hold her. And, in poop mile stones; this week she took herself to the little potty we keep near the family room, pooped, and then came to find me! My little baby girl took herself to go poop! I had left her playing alone in the family room for a few minutes because I had to use the restroom myself. Soon after, she walks to look for me in the back of the house. I pick her up, go back out to where Enzo is and see that the little potty was used. I stare at it, confused because I know Enzo hasn't moved since I had put on Plaza Sesamo on TV specifically so that he wouldn't move, grab a chair, open drawers and get into mischief with his sister while I went to the restroom myself. He dose not move when Plaza Sesamo is on. It's the greatest tractor beam on his attention that I know of. So, I stare at the "occupied" potty confused and Enzo turns to me casually and says "Ana went poop" and casually turns back to the TV like it was no big deal. But it was a big deal! Awesome. My daughter took herself poop and my son was able to resist the tractor beam on his attention long enough to keep an eye on his little sister and again to help his Papi out of bewilderment.

This whole week has been delight-Full. I will probably never recount all the special snuggles, I love yous, brilliant experiences, and adorable occurrences. But the effects of those treasures have embedded themselves in my being. My bones will show the rings of loving years lived when they are counted after my time.

Here are some pictures taken since the Hybrid post.

Enzo getting his first autograph from Travis Blackley.

Playing in a pool.

Ana's first swim.

Ana playing in a jumpy house.

Ana giving me a blade of grass that she picked up.

Enzo pushing Ana on the swing.

More swings.

Ana having fun on the turtle. 
We spent a lot of time at parks this week.

And, we spent a lot of time in the backyard in our underwear.

Cruising in downtown Campbell.

This is the picture we sent out on Father's Day.

Enzo dancing with Mami in Downtown Sunnyvale. 

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