Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ana Peddles, Enzo Dances, and other updates

Ana peddles like a pro now! All of a sudden, she went from scooting on her tricycle to peddling like she had done it for months. This has made the time in the back yard a lot more fun now as the two kids ride around and around the table at speed and no one is causing a traffic jam. Well, not by accident anymore.

I don't know if I have mentioned yet but Enzo is in tap dance class now. I hear he is doing pretty well. He has class during the week when I am at work. While it wasn't for tap dance class, or any class that the kids are in, they were on stage dancing again recently. Why? Because Aunti Tia likes to take them on stage at every opportunity even if it's not their recital. Which I just think is funny. In this video Enzo is dancing along to a dance he had never danced to before and doing a great job. He has become fairly confident with dancing. There is also a photo of both kids after a dance on the stage. It was a 50's theme.

While Ana is not in tap dance class yet, they both have tap shoes already. Here is a video of them on a day they were wearing their tap shoes and that turned into drumming on the trash and recycle cans.

Easter is tomorrow but the kids have already had a practice at the Newark Easter egg hunt last week.

Enzo got a haircut from Grandma. Nothing, apparently, makes a haircut more fun than being able to play with the water spray bottle and wetting your own hair as needed.... and everything else not needed.

And to finish up, some cute photos of the kids together. This particular genre of cuteness tends to happen if Enzo is engrossed in a movie and Ana decides to cuddle up with him.

But this time she was just too tired to keep watching.

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