Saturday, March 16, 2013

Park, the Favorite Word

Her favorite word is park. It sounds like "Pok, pok Papi? Paaauuuk?" As in, can we go to the park Papi? Ana asks to go to the park every day, multiple times. I don't know how many times Tami hears it in a day but as I mostly see Ana in the morning and in the evening 5 days per week I can say that I hear her ask for the park morning and night regularly. Tami and I don't say park aloud without having a plan. We spell it if we have to. It's a lot like the word train for Enzo. It is a little easier now with Enzo though as he has so many train toys that if we are heard saying train with out a plan to go ride or see trains that day, we can at least divert his direction by pretending we were talking about his toy trains. We dare not say "ride the train" without a rideable train in sight, however.

Ana's second favorite word is more. Because she thinks more means food. Before she could talk she used baby sign language that Tami taught her. Food and more were used together a lot so that now more means food. A morning greeting with Ana sounds something like:

Me: Good morning love.
A: Hi Papi. Pok? Pok Papi? Paauk?
Then there are kisses and hugs and going potty. Immediately followed by Ana again.
A: More? Mooooore!

The yard has no playground but it serves as a good holdover when Ana needs her park fix and I'm not quite ready to get everyone properly dressed on a Saturday morning. Like today. A nice mellow morning, kids playing in the yard alternating between a focus on bikes, dirt, balls, toy cars, and various combinations of them. Tami is out at dance practice and I get to sip coffee, write about the kids, and enjoy the weather.

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