Saturday, March 30, 2013

Quick Ride

This, I think, is my only chance for a ride this weekend so took the Norton out for a quick ride hoping to beat any of the rain that is forecast. This Norton Atlas is riding so excellent! After the tips from Diane and adjustments and carb adjustments by Ken Armann the bike kick starts easier, idles excellent, and runs just perfectly. I am loving this bike. Which I did before visiting Armann's shop but now I'm loving it and smoothly purring along too. It sounds so good.

Didn't quite escape the water in the clouds. But it's beautiful out here. The rain as well as the flower smells along the way are excellent. I stopped in downtown
Sunnyvale with the first drops thinking perhaps the first sprinkle would clear. Now that I'm sitting at a cafe eating a rabbit cookie I'm expecting I may just be getting a little wet on the way home because it is picking up a bit as I type this. But it's a British bike so I'm sure it's thanking me for its first wet ride in years.

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