Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Thoughtful Son

This morning my son was driving his big wooden bus all over the house while I got ready for work. He started counting all of the cars he had in his big wooden bus and was well into the teens. Accuracy? I don't know. He is very accurate through five but sometimes we both laugh when reading counting books because for any big number of objects above five, like six, for example, he'll start double counting fast and end up at twelve plus in no time. We end up laughing and jokingly fighting for our turns to count the nine red balloons in Good Night 123. Me accurately and Enzo creatively. We go back and forth and laugh. I don't know why we have so much fun with that but we do.

At some point this morning he paused his counting and bus driving and started talking and, looking at the cars in the bus, began saying "There is one for Grandma and one for Grandpa and one for Mami...... " and goes through naming most of his immediate family. Then he pauses, leans over and picks up this truck.
E: And one for Papi.
Me: Thank you Mijito!
E: Yeah, you can take it to school and play with it.
Me: Thank you but if I play with it at school you won't have it to play with.
E: That's ok, I have lots of cars! And you can take the flat bed truck to school to play with it...... You should put it in your pocket.
R: Well as soon as I finish getting ready and have pockets on I'll do that.

But I didn't have to because Enzo put the truck in my pocket while I was still putting them on.

Soon I was in a meeting an hour before school started at work and that was followed by two assemblies that I was in charge of and running for the first two hours of the kid's school day and then clean up and supervision and then I was actually sweating.... and hungry.... and thirsty... and a little tired because I was in rush mode since I left the house hours earlier.

Then I put my hand in my pocket and the whole morning came back to me. With smiles.

I love you Enzo! Thanks for letting me take your flat bed truck to school today. Some time to play is exactly what I needed right now.

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