Saturday, January 18, 2014

Catching Up on the Good Stuff part 1 of 4

It's been a while since I have taken the time to write about all of the good stuff going on, especially with the kiddos. I've certainly forgotten a lot of the anecdotes I had planned to tell but I did take some photos along the way and I still have those to share. Much of my energy right now is in thinking about my grandma. My mind has traveled back and forth through the years. And one thing I thought was that I am very fortunate to be spending so much time with the kiddos during their youth and doing my best to enjoy the days I have. So, here are some of the photos to go along with some good experiences in the last month and a half.

My dad continued his tradition of taking the kids to cut down a tree. The added tradition of friends enjoying a picnic lunch is an additional treat.

Nathan and Charlotte cutting down their tree.

Enzo and Ana and my dad cutting down ours. The kids picked it out and it was our perfect, if slightly sideways, tree.

My tree hugging family.

Time to decorate the tree.

Since when do we get to stand on tables?

Hun helped.

Well, there went that rule.

Hair cut time! No... Enzo wants his hair long. So, this was "just a trim" and "not a haircut." That, and the fact that he got to spray the water bottle to wet his hair, was the only way to get him to agree to getting some of the hair off of his eyes and ears.

He ad a good time.

And Ana decided she wanted one too.

At one point they caught a cold. Cuddling with Mami makes it better.

One day it was just me and Enzo so we went for a walk and played in the park.

That is a turtle Enzo in there.

Ana wanted to try it too once Enzo moved on.

And this is the night before Christmas in their new holiday pajamas. Enzo looks pretty excited. I think Ana was pretty tired.

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