Monday, January 20, 2014

Catching Up on the Good Stuff part 3 of 4

My beautiful son is 4 years old now! And he is my best son!

Recently Enzo told me, "You are my best Papi." And he meant it with so much seriousness. I realized this was him figuring out how to express saying the idea of "Papi, I love you" all by himself in his own way. I told him "You are my best Son." And it has caught on with Ana, too, my best daughter. In the last several weeks they have each said it numerous times to me and their Mami. I like it. It sounds like a joke because we are the only Mami and Papi they have and they are our only son and daughter. So, it's funny but it's also adorable and sweet since they are not thinking of the joke when they tell us.

Tami made and decorated this cake on Enzo's actual birthday. Cool and delicious! This year Enzo asked for a space ship themed birthday.

One of Enzo's cool birthday presents was this giant cardboard spaceship that they can play in and color. Their Tata gave it to him. After I put it together I put on a video of views from space so they could see it out the space ship window. We also watched a lot of space ship launch videos and Enzo is very good at counting down for blast off.

Ana loves her fancy dresses. And she loves dressing herself. Often in layers. This is her wearing her new dress that Cousin Vincent got her for Christmas.

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