Thursday, April 10, 2014


My kids never whined or cried so much as they do now... when playing babies. It almost seems daily these days. Things I hear a lot recently:

Whaaaaa!!!aaaahaaaaahhh! (And variations on this theme.)
Are you ok baby? 
What do you need baby?
I'm the mommy. 
You are ok. 
I'm the baby. 

They take turns being the baby. I am so glad this was not the reality while they were babies.

Recently I came home, trying to unlock the door, to screams. I started wondering, as I struggled with the keys, what was going on. Surely Tami was checking on the kids during this interminable screaming. Or was she hurt too? Or had she just given up on parenting? Why wouldn't the darn key open the door!?!?

I got it opened after a miniature-forever and, half restraining my nerves said "what's going on!?"

Response from the couch was ever so calmly "I'm the baby." "Oh," I said, to Ana. Enzo just looked at me patiently, standing by Ana. A second more of silence. Then, "ahhhhhhhhAAAAAHHHHeeeekkkkkk!" And so on. Tami, unfazed, worked away on her computer. 

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