Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bundles of Joy

Happiness is created by these kiddos. 

Earlier this week I woke up with Enzo sleeping next to me, face to face. Waking up next to one or both kids is pretty common. If they wake in the night or early morning they often come in and join us. Usually I know when Ana joins as she is a bit obvious. Enzo can be a bit of a ninja and get in without us noticing. 

So, I awoke and see my beautiful boy in front of me. A short while later he starts laughing in his sleep. My day was made from that. After a bit of a laugh he settled down and continued sleeping, without waking during his laugh. Laughing during sleep is high on my ultimate scale of goodness. It warms my heart to be able to witness it in someone I love so much. 

Yesterday I got to watch Ana in her dance class. And that was fun. But the most awesome part was towards the end. The kids were to do do somersaults on the mat which was about 12 feet long. Each kid got up in turn and then a teacher would direct the kids head down with a gentle nudge and sort of push them into a roll from their hips. It took a while for each to cross the mat as the kids did about 5 or so rolls to cross. Ana was last. When she got to the mat the teacher was just moving to direct her head down when... she was too late. Ana was already rolling! Super fast, roll after roll, the teacher just trying to catch up but never quite catching the rolling Ana! Ana came up to standing for a second after each roll and dove back in with a flurry from her skirt and dress, yes- she put on both. She looked like a swimmer doing a butterfly stroke, popping up briefly and then back in with skirts instead of water whirling around her. When she got to the end she popped up and it was all done in no time, the teacher just catching up. The teacher, me, Phyllis, and Tami were left laughing as Ana casually went back for the next activity. That was a good laugh. 

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  1. Randy, You paint such a lovely picture with your have inherited one of your grandfathers' ability to write...bravo, my dear. I can just picture Ana the Dervish, whirling over and over and over...thank you for sharing your lovely family with us.