Friday, April 11, 2014

Recent Pictures, Part 1 of 2

Here is some of what has gone on in the last several weeks, recorded in pictures.

 My kids playing in the yard.

I bought them this lighted magnifying glass because, well, because I am trying to subtly direct them to a life of science.

 Tami got free tickets to an organic farm tour in the Santa Cruz Mountains. A parent at our kids' school already had purchased the tickets but then couldn't go. It was an interesting tour.

I believe they said it used to be a small vineyard and that, at one time, it was a childhood home of the Smothers Brothers. The big deal now is that they specialize in edible flowers and we got to sample many on the tour.

 Here the kids are eating more flowers they had just been given.

They weren't excited by the flavors so much.

 I think I had more fun watching them interact with the animals at the end of the tour. They got to pet two goats and a chicken.

 Another day I went for a ride with Nathan, always a treat.

Then there was the annual Bring Out Your Almost Dead event hosted by the Norton Owners Club. A good time to learn, socialize, look at bikes, and eat.

That silver bike in there is only the second Norton Atlas, other than mine, I have ever seen on the road. And, only the third other I have seen in person. That third having been in the Clubman British Motorcycle Show this year and last.

This picture was taken for proof. Tami took me to a see the musical Spamalot that my sister in law was performing in. My parents watched our kids. After, we planned to go out for a drink. My mom and my sister-in-law laughed and said Tami wouldn't make it out that late. Tami made me take this picture with her phone as proof. I do enjoy date nights.


  1. Tammers you look beautiful as ever!!

  2. I miss you guys and cannot believe how much the kids have grown. Sorry I've been such an out of touch friend... Sadly, it is far too easy to get caught up in one's own life and forget to reach out and say hi. You, Tami, the amazing Schmidt kids..all look great and I send my best hugs to each of you.

    1. It is indeed sooooo easy to get caught up in our own lives, I agree. We all hope you are doing well and we miss you too.