Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Last weekend my kids' school had their annual parent work day. Tami asked if I would build a replacement for the old frame for vine plants in the garden. It was just two lean-to ladder structures attached at the top. Kids could walk through it. It was getting old and weak.

I'm very proud of this. 

Had I had the time, I would have built it in my garage with more tools and it would have been closer to perfect. But, letting that go, accepting a few more imperfections then normal, I'm quite proud.

I mentally sketched the idea during my morning shower that morning. Then, Enzo and I went to the store to buy the wood. We loaded a few tools from the garage and headed to the school where Tami and Ana later met us. Enzo had a great time at the hardware store measuring the wood we selected with our measuring tape. Then he helped me load it all up. At school, he helped me unload our materials and tools. 

Once there, I started building. Enzo and Ana, and occasionally a friend, held the tape as I marked off cut lines. Then they would run off to play while parents worked on various projects from cleaning to planting and more. 

Had I built the structure at home I would have taken two days and made three or more trips to the hardware store. Instead, I built this in four hours with materials on hand including a mid-construction change in design plan. 

So, I was proud of it when finished but not nearly as much as I am now. When I picked up the kids from school this week, I walked into the school to find Ana and two friends chatting while sitting on the benches and Enzo playing in the garden. Now I am super-duper proud. Yes, super-duper. While I was there all four of them used the benches and played around it. I don't think I have ever built anything in four hours, and few projects have made me as happy as when I saw the kids using this. 

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