Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Recent Pictures, Part 2 of 2

We celebrated Shea's birthday with our own small party.

Shea cooked and decorated her cake. It was delicious and beautiful.

Ana and the rocket man.

Ana in dance class.

Me and the kids stopped at a park on the way home one day. A nice treat. I surprised them with pizza that I picked up on the way to get them. Then we ate in the park watching a kids soccer league practice. After, we played. Enzo and Ana are also very into paper airplanes lately.

We went to the annual Clubmans British Motorcycle show at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds. They also have a Japan and Europe exhibition in another building. I took them myself this year. And, I have almost no pictures because of it. Kiddos are a lot of work.
There were two moments of relatively mellow peace when I took pictures. They were during the 10 minutes it took them to eat nachos on the floor of the British bike flea market area and the 3 minutes they were mesmerized by the little motorcycles they found as they struggled with my repeating "no touching" as their brains compelled them closer with every desire to touch and sit on the bikes.

After the bike show, we hung out at Grandma and Grandpa's.
Enzo got a haircut.
Ana got a pretend haircut because she wanted one too. Ana, when you read this, I love you, and, your haircut was staged.

The rain was coming down steady. Neither rain nor bubbles, apparently, photograph well from my phone. But, I took pictures anyway. The kids sat in the door way blowing bubbles out into the falling rain for quite a while at Grandma and Grandpa's.

Much more recently, we went to Charlotte's birthday dinner and played in the park after.

Just this past weekend the kids and I went to the annual Kelly Park VW show. My parents met us there also.

The kids were looking for the points where train tracks came together and left a gap in the rail.

They like trains and Kelley Park has several.

This was my favorite VW accessory. A pop up tent on top of a bug. Cool.

A special treat at the show; we had ice cream. They look happy about the rare treat.

This is cool. After the show my parents took me and the kids out for dinner. Look at the butterflies. Ana was totally coloring inside the lines. I had never seen that before. My mom was not surprised and told me how the last time she hung out with the kids, she and Ana were practicing coloring in the lines. I am impressed.

And here, because of our crazy weather, the second first rose bloom from our yard this year.

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