Friday, April 4, 2014

Made in China

I received a very cool gift, made in China... before it was China. Trilobite parts that are 650,000,000 years old.

I have worked for two principals as a vice principal and I have been lucky in that both have given me a lot of freedom in decision making and in leading interesting projects. Yesterday my school hosted 20 principals from China who were learning about US education systems. I was planner and tour guide. After, I was presented with this super cool fossil by our guests. Awesome. And, I had so much fun hosting our guests and showing them around our High School that I was already very excited about my day. The fossil, however, was a very cool bonus. I love fossils and rocks. Hopefully our guests enjoy their high school baseball caps that we presented to them as much. I'm pretty sure that they enjoyed their visit as much as we did. And it's interesting to think that I am in a whole lot of photos that will be in China in a short while. My occupation in education has presented some very interesting opportunities.

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