Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Two weekends ago, me and the kids driving down to the annual British Motorcycle show, my son started singing in the car. I set the recording to pictures I took of them blowing bubbles out into the rain while at grandma and grandpa's later that day. Here is the video.

Love it! Enzo had sung for over a minute, completely unprompted, when I started recording. He stopped for a short spell, the end of my recording, when I stopped at a red light. I thought he was finished and so I stopped recording. But when we started going again he started too and must have sung for another three minutes straight. Every now and then Ana would chime in. At one point on the recording you hear her say "balloons!" She saw balloons at a car dealership we were driving past.

Puff the Magic Dragon is the favorite song right now. A few weeks ago Enzo heard it and then started asking about it. So, we have played the song a couple of times on YouTube and sung it a couple of times in the car. After Enzo started singing this time when I was recording him, I bought the song so he could listen to it a few times and now he sings with even more of the lyrics without any prompting. He also has practiced with his mom. I like to wonder how he makes sense of the lyrics which I don't imagine he has visual images in his mind for. Someday I'll ask but for now I just listen and wonder. Sealing wax?  Perched?  Noble kings and princes? Billowed sale? He sings the words perfectly these days and he must have some movie in his head. He and his sister are excellent singers and I love to listen. 


  1. We first heard the song at the Sunnyvale farmers market a few weeks ago. It was just me and the kids. I think Papi was working. We were hanging out in the parking lot sitting on the curb next to the car eating fresh strawberries. They were delicious. As we were sitting there, an older gentleman wearing cutoffs, long gray beard, and a guitar casually walled over to us. As he was strumming his guitar he asked Enzo, "Do you know what this is? It's a guitar." Enzo just stared. The man then started singing Puff, and then turned and walked away. Enzo asked me, "What's Puff the Magic Dragon?" So of course I started singing the song. And then I repeated. And repeated. It's now one of the few English songs I sing to them.