Wednesday, June 4, 2014

3 Transportation Pics

We said goodbye to the bug. Yes, we actually said goodbye and sold the bug... back to Matt whom we had bought it from. Me and the kids did a few laps in the cul-de-sac after I told them we were selling it. I was ready for another toy and knew I could not add one but I could swap one. I contacted Matt to see if he was interested in his bug since I was looking for a new toy... and he was. Let the search for a new toy begin. The kids were both content with the explanation that Matt wanted to buy it back. I showed the kids some of the options I found on the internet to buy. Enzo liked them all but was leaning towards a red Porsche 914.  A few days later it turned out the 914 was sold, and the search continued.

Ana got a car, though. This is the super cool piñata that Grandma got for Ana's upcoming birthday party in May. She loved it. It was hard to get her not to play with it or pull out the Hello Kitty toy before the party. It was impossible, really. Several times we found her, Hello Kitty in her arms, playing with her piñata.

This made me laugh. Ana got this horse as a present on her actual birthday from Sarah and Vincent. One morning she decided to dress it. Those are socks on the fore legs, Ana's something and a pair of Enzo's underwear on the horse's neck. Well done!

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