Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ana is Three!

Ana is 3! My beautiful Ana is three years old. No more wonderful twos..... it's the threes and above from now on with my wonderful love Ana. No less wonder-full, I am expecting.

For her birthday, I took the day off from work. Tami and Ana made a birthday cake.

Enzo drew his sister a picture.

Then we all got to lick chocolate cooking tools.

Ana always wants to play with a camera. We got her a camera of her own. That was my suggestion. She also likes to have painted nails so Tami's suggestion was to purchase a couple colors of water based earth-friendly nail polish for her.
She was quite happy with the gifts and Enzo's picture.

Tami painted Ana's nails, toe nails and finger nails, then Ana painted Tami's finger nails.... and fingers.

Though I had the day off and could have taken the kids anywhere, Ana did not want to miss her dance class or a visit to her pre-school that day. So, we played together and made sure not to miss a little time at pre-school and all of dance class.

We stayed for Enzo's class as well.

Then we went to dinner with family.

Somehow my parents slipped in presents for Enzo though it was Ana's birthday. I forget the reasonable excuse given but it worked out well. Kids like presents and certainly notice when they are not opening any. Enzo's birthday being so close to Christmas, Ana gets plenty of presents around the time that Enzo opens birthday presents.

Looking cool with his new sunglasses!

In fact, they both got sunglasses. Nice.

I am sure I have mentioned this before, but Ana is really growing up. Her sentence structure is becoming more complex and more similar to Enzo's on occasion. She loves to give me huge hugs! Except when she doesn't. She always seems to have an absolutely passionate opinion on what she wants. So, I love it when it's a giant hug for Papi that she wants to give. Sometimes, often lately, she will jump on me before I leave for work and hug me so tightly and tell me she does not want me to leave. I am a sucker but it is the sweetest feeling to get those hugs. Even in a huge rush and running late for work, I stand around for a little more time with her holding me tightly when ever I have the opportunity.

A funny thing is the "but, why?" that she likes to ask. Why? is a common kid question and she certainly uses that phrase a lot. But it amuses me how often she adds a little extra personality with a "buut wHY?"

She is a big girl now, bigger than a baby, I guess, is what I am saying.... I guess I'm saying, yet again, that my beautiful Ana is not a baby anymore. She still jumps to sit in the hook of my legs when I fold them to my right side while sitting in the corner of the couch. She still likes to laugh and play and chat and sometimes cuddle. She still loves to climb, dress herself, and declare her opinions and wants. She still is willing to hold out for a very long time to get what she wants. She still cries in frustration when she does not get what she wants (not talking about buying things like toys here, but about decisions like who gets to turn out the lights or help her with pajamas or what she wants for breakfast, etc.) and still snuggles in with me sweetly as if all is forgiven after a tantrum when I try to help her fall asleep. Well, quite a while after I start trying to help her relax and sleep. As I said, she holds out for her decisions for a long time.


I love my beautiful Ana.

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