Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Kansas City

Cousin Martina was getting ready to graduate in Kansas City, Missouri. Tami and the kids really wanted to go but I could not leave work for those days. Somehow, they convinced me, yet again, to be OK with them all going on vacation without me. It's not even a sob story for me anymore. They've now gone to Southern California, Puerto Rico, Hawaii (for a few days before I joined), and Kansas City without me. I guess I'm going to have to get use to it. 

But before they left, I bought myself a new toy with the VW Bug money to keep me occupied. If I was going to get something anyway, may as well get it before they were gone.

This is the latest member of our garage of toys. A 2005 Harley Sportster made in..... Kansas City, Missouri! It was actually made in the same plant that Tami and I toured years ago when we first went to Kansas City together. And as it turns out, I am really enjoying this bike. It's all I've ridden since. Tami said the other bikes are going to get jealous. I told her that the other bikes remember what it was like to be the new bike.

Well, it did come to pass that I took Tami and the kids to the airport to say good bye.

The kids ran up to the sign that said ANA on it after I pointed out Ana's name on it.

And eventually, sadly, I said bye and they all went in past security. Here are some of the pics Tami sent to me.

Enzo accidentally stepped on this snake when they were out walking. Both were fine as a result and Enzo was excited to tell me that the snake slithered away after.

They got to play with cousins.

And visit a few airports.

I sat around the house and moped.... But when I could get myself together, I had a blast riding my Sportster in the hills.

Thankfully, the time went fast enough and the family was home, playing in the yard, cuddly as ever.

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