Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ana's Birthday Party

Several days after Ana's third birthday, we had an Ana B-Day party.

Many distinguished guests were present such as Baby Avonlea.

Baby Jack joined as well.

Baby Alex, however, is getting to that point where we won't be able to call him Baby Alex for much longer.

Ana and her friend Rachel decorated the birthday cake this year.

Grandma brought over a cool game that they made where the kids picked a card, matched the number on the card to the big decorated wall, punched their hand through, and pulled out a prize. A cool surprise.

The bubble surprises were quite popular.

The piñata worked this year! Yay! The pull strings worked. The last year of pull strings but they worked well and we enjoyed the piñata.

Both Grandpa's took naps.

After the cake was gone and most of the kids had left to take their naps, Enzo and Ana decided to play in the water a bit.

Baby Avonlea got some attention.

And Tata humored the birthday girl.

Another great birthday party and celebration.

Happy Birthday to Ana.

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