Saturday, June 14, 2014

New Project

The entire Joseph Gomes Park in one picture.

I have started a new blog project.

You can visit it at:

There are a couple of blog projects I have in mind and this is the first of the new ideas that I am actually starting. Basically, I am creating a false need for myself to visit all of the parks in the area and make a short post about them. I imagine this means that I will get to know the area better, have another good excuse to go on new local adventures, and find cool new places to spend time with the kids, family, and myself.

I am also trying to make the blog posts for this new blog completely on mobile devices like my iPhone. Yes, I did go get a new iPhone 5s. I couldn't wait any longer for a new one to come out, I needed a good camera. And it is a good camera. My replaced phone was an iPhone 4 and had an impressive camera. But in the years since it came out, the iPhone cameras have become even better. And lighter and faster and over all nicer.

So, I came up with a template for the Bay Area Parks blog that I will cut and paste in for each new post. Then, I will make the applicable additions and changes using a few apps. That's the plan. I have been testing the apps, adjusting the blog settings,  and trying things out. I think I have it mostly the way I want it.

Starting small for a new blog, I chose the smallest park I know of and spent some time in it. It is the Joseph Gomes Park in Campbell. I have long wanted to stop by and never had. For years I have driven past and thought that I would stop by some day. That's a long time. And now I have literally stopped and spent time in the park exploring, taking pictures, and sitting on one of the two benches.

Below is the template I am starting with. Perhaps it will go through some revisions. I am trying to keep it simple and interesting.


Photo Collage
Park Name - Type
City, State
Latitude, Longitude
I would go to this park to...
Think, read, walk, nap, eat, cook, or...
I would take kids to this park to...
Run around, ride bikes, explore, play ball, play in the playground, play in water, fly a kite, have a birthday party, or...
Visited by the Bay Area Parks Guy on...

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