Monday, June 9, 2014

Park and Beach in One Day

Still writing catch-up blog posts! I think the following happened about three weeks ago.

I took the kids to Vasona to fly our kite. I was determined to get that kite up in the air as I had been carrying it in the trunk of my car for weeks and having no luck with wind.

Thankfully, we got a little wind that day. Ana held the kite while Enzo chased the kite's shadow.

Tami was at home and I was tasked with entertaining the kiddos so that she could get homework done. A pretty good task. Kite having been flown relatively early in the day, it was time to take the kiddos a little further...

...All the way to the beach. Not bad. Flew a kite at Vasona, ate pizza in Aptos, and then played in the water at Seacliff Beach by the concrete ship.

The kids were so funny. They played with the waves, you know, taunting them, running up to them and then laughing as they ran away, only to come back to the water again.

The beach makes me happy.

Someone had left this seesaw made from drift wood. Ana and Enzo had a great time with it and would probably still be playing and balancing on it today if I hadn't finally convinced them it was late and time to head home for dinner with Mami.

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