Monday, June 2, 2014

Driving Around and Sleeping Laughter

Kids playing around in the car after eating dinner at a restaurant. I have to admit that on days when I pick them up, we often go to dinner. Tami is way better at making dinner as a regular habit than I.

Here are more pics of the kids borrowing my sunglasses on another sunny drive home.

Recently I mentioned how cool it was that I got to hear Enzo laugh in his sleep. It is one of my favorite notable achievements in life to laugh in my sleep and to become aware of it. So, I am always made happy at the opportunity to hear others laugh in their sleep. It is a rare treat to hear but so special. Well, so soon after her brother's recent sleepy laugh, I had the absolute pleasure in May of hearing Ana talk in her sleep and then start cracking up laughing! Oh, so awesome!!!! She fell right back into quiet sleep afterwards and I am so glad that she happened to be sleeping next to me in the morning, and that I was awake, when this happened. My smile was huge. It is better than catching a shooting star.

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