Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 1- Barstow, CA

A good day's ride.  Moderate weather, changing scenery, smooth roads, feeling good, and made it to Barstow, CA (about 150 miles more than our slowest plan).  Here, Nathan had his bike blessed by a guy with nearly 400 thousand miles on his 1975 Goldwing.

In other news, I just washed my socks, boxers, and shirt in the sink.  Maybe I should have used that as the picture for the post.  (Instead, you see the start of the ride in Campbell, CA.)  I brought 3 sock pairs, shirts, and boxers with the plan to always wear a set, have a set ready, and have a set drying on the back of the bike.  I heard backpackers do this.

I'm still quite excited about this trip.  I'm also just fatigued enough that I expect to sleep well tonight.
A good day.

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  1. Ola tudo bem achei linda essa foto!!! entre em contato comigo pra gente trocar ideias!! Bjus.