Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 4- Louisville, CO

Today we are in Louisville, CO staying with friends Chris and Ailla. Both work in the wine business and Chris tells me we will be opening some good bottles tonight, so I'll keep this brief.

We came out of the Rockies today where we saw plenty of motorcycles which makes sense considering the views and quality of road. Goldwings were by far the favored bike followed by various Harleys.

Getting into town, Chris took us to a cool vegetarian restaurant in Boulder, CO called Leaf. Good tofu salad and a wine that was biodynamic, a new term for me. All good.

Tonight will be fun. I can tell that I could learn a lot by spending time with Chris and Ailla so I will do my best to take in as much as I can before we part ways tomorrow. We 're on our way now to meet their friends before returning to a feast here in their home. All in all, happy to be here and enjoying the adventure.

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