Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 5- Salina, KS

Colorado is not the same all the way through. A little after Denver it is a Little House on the Prairie. A good time to let your thoughts wander and see where they take you.

As a science lover, especially of physics, I found Kansas to be most fascinating. I recommend that all like minded science loving individuals go to Kansas. Drive down hwy 70, most parts will probably work but it will be especially easy in the western quarter of the state. Then, look out onto the horizon, that special Kansas horizon without obstacles. Look out and you can see clear back to the Big Bang! And in case you are curious, it appears that grass has been there since the beginning.

I have created a visual aid to help you. Take your height in inches and substitute it for h in the following formula and solve for s.


Next, print out the photo in this post. Hold it at arms length in a safe area while you look at it. Then, spin around s (the number you solved for) times in less than a minute while looking at the picture. Spin carefully, you'll be spinning fast. It may help to make rrrrrrrr-rrrrrr engine noises.

That's it! That is approximately what it would have been like to have been riding next to me for a mile through Kansas!

You feel like you are right here with us don't you?

Sit down. You must be dizzy. I'll tell you more while your head comes to a stop.

We are in the second Salina of our trip. This one in Kansas. The last 60 miles were rolling hills and some gigantic wind power turbines. Very nice. We're sitting in the swimming pool in a parking lot of Motel 6 watching two rabbits play in the grass between us and the IHOP. Great temperature out here and the sky is changing colors a bit. Very peaceful.

Absence is making the heart grow fonder.

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