Friday, June 12, 2009

The Kid is Growing Up Nicely

We went to the ultrasound appointment and all is going well and looking good. The Kid is now about 6cm in length, about the size of a plum. In this picture you can see a hand and a leg. And, The Kid looks like a baby now! This was a pretty cool appointment. I had been sad because I will be gone when Tami goes in for an appointment to hear the heartbeat. But today, the technician zeroed in on the heart and played the audio while we watched and listened. Very cool. The heart beat is way fast compared to an adult's at rest. So, that's our kid. We got a couple other pics too, and if you stop by, you will see them on the fridge. I am giddy with excitement. This ultrasound was like watching the coolest movie ever!

And something else. When Tami laughed, The Kid moved around and slid and jiggled for a bit until The Kid settled down again. That's what I do when she laughs. Must be genetic.

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