Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 2- Salina, UT

Utah. It must be easy to get photos for calendars here, surrounded by beauty in every direction. What a gorgeous ride. Rocks of red, white, brown- mostly red. Gorgeous plateaus and interesting uplift and weathering patterns. Nice people; everyone we've met.

In Arizona, which we were in briefly, we went through a beautiful gorge crossing the Virgin River several times. So beautiful, I thought it would be the highlight scenery of the day until we rolled into this part of Utah.

Before all that, we went into Las Vegas and spent some time hanging out there. The picture is of us on our way to brunch in the Belagio. Crab cakes benedict. Wow, so good. Nathan decided to play $10 on keno during brunch. He won 2 of his dollars back. The keno girl was so smooth at telling him he only won $2 back on his $10 spent, that Nathan and I thought it fun to imagine how it was possible to improve upon her talent. The winners we came up with were "2 dollars! Only in Vegas can your dreams come true." And.... "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas..... just like the other 8 dollars."

While we're at it, honorable mention for funny comments today (and there were many) goes to Nathan describing over the CB how his butt was not so sore after our Vegas break with "After Vegas I got my second ass wind."

I've been laughing for almost a minute just reading what I wrote.

So, now we're in little Solina (so-leye-na), UT. We went to the only bar in town, and were the only customers in bar, to play some pool and drink some beer.

Before changing the subject, it's also worth noting that we actually rolled in 4 states today: California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah.

In The Kid news, Tami went to the doctor today and it looks like all is going well. Tami tells me we've now found the doctor we will stick with and she loves me, Tami that is. The doctor hasn't met me yet.

So, all is well in the world.

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