Thursday, June 25, 2009

Touching Moon Rock (the black stone in picture)

I touched a rock from the moon! I touched a frick'n MOON ROCK! There is a moon, and it had a rock on it, and I TOUCHED IT! The rock from the moon.... yeah, I touched it. That was me. They call me Randy Moon Rock Toucher. Many people will look back on June 25, 2009 and think about what they touched that day. Answers will vary from touching third base to touching one's self. As for me, I touched a frick'n rock from the frick'n moon.

If you want to touch the moon rock too, it's in the entrance room of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. I highly recommend it. There are some pretty cool and important items on display in that room like the Bell X-1, first to break the sound barrier. And, right upstairs is a jacket and a plane (obviously not the ones she was in at the end) of Amelia Earhart whom I find fascinating. And much more. But the moon rock, so unassuming in it's little display made open to the fingers of Earth's humans.... a basalt so special for what triumph of humanity it took to get it here, and for what a seed it is to the fertile imagination... to touch it was and is awe-inspiring. I feel great just knowing it is there for all to touch and to do so free of charge. The American people's treasury held open to the world, with this treasure of humanity in the form of a rock, for all to connect with.

I don't remember my dreams often, but if they are based on the events of the day, tonight I will dream of hugging Amelia in her leather flight jacket while grasping the moon rock. I will likely have tears in my eyes after having held the rock out for her to touch, a dream-visitor of the future. I hope I dream this. She deserves to touch that rock even if only in the belated dreams of an average guy, a pilgrim to the beauty and development of humanity.

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