Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 8- St. Louis, MO

Check us out. That's the view from our roof top pool. We're on our way for a swim next. Thanks Laurie for getting us this cool place over the internet.

In the background you can see the Mississippi River and the Arch. We spent the day walking around them and took the ride to the top of the arch. It is huge. I can say it's huge and you can look at pictures, but that won't likely get the picture across. It's 630 feet tall and super skinny for a tall building. Oh, and it's an arch. Huge. The effect of the design, I think, makes it more interesting and appear taller.

Here is a super cool update about yesterday. We saw fire flies! How cool is that? Fire flies! This was in Columbia, MO on our way to the movie theaters. Little flashes of orange flame jumping across the grass. Amazing how little flashes of light can inspire happiness.

We saw the movie Year One. Hilarious! I laugh at least once every other hour remembering the movie. I'm already looking forward to watching it again.

For now, up to the pool.

Happy Father's Day.

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