Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trip Technology

Much of the early preparation for the trip is complete. Packing will begin in earnest shortly. Today I will sign up for life insurance. Tami and The Kid won't be rich if they need to claim it, but I will be comfortable knowing they will have something in addition to the love and support of our great friends and family should the fortunes of the Universe necessitate a world without me in the near future.

Also in preparation for the trip, we were able to justify these nifty G1 phones. Also known as Google phones, they use the Android operating system developed as open source by Google. The G1 phone, while super cool and with a drop down qwerty keyboard, is still small compared to a laptop so I plan to send short blog updates and a few pictures from the road as I travel. I'll also keep a paper journal and take more photos so that I may properly update the photo album and blog from a full sized computer after I return. I activated the Google Latitude feature so that, from the lower left side of this blog, you will be able to see a map of what city I am in as I travel. I will update the packing check list as I pack for the ride.

Essentially, I am trying to give Tami, and interested friends and family, the feeling of knowing all about my cross country adventure and a feeling of being connected to it. Okay.... and, this is a great excuse to play with some neat technology.

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